Administrator Walkthroughs and Model School Visits

Administrators will learn to observe instructional models and practices that indicate and support effective ELA teaching and learning including classroom environment and décor, and student interactions with peers and teachers. Additionally, administrators will learn how to notice and create a school-wide culture and atmosphere that reflects a commitment to a literacy-rich environment and student engagement. Schoolwide facilitated Walkthroughs and Model School Visits typically utilize checklists and a variety of other resources designed to inform, assist, and promote tangible goal setting and plans of action. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE

Workshops, Institutes, and Courses

Our workshops, institutes (typically 2-3 consecutive days of workshops), and courses (a series of workshops over a designated period of time), may take place at individual schools, districts, regional locations and virtually.

Administrator workshops, institutes, and courses are led exclusively by consultants with extensive administrative experience and expertise, and are designed to deepen knowledge and understanding, problem-solve, proactively identify areas of need, and establish tangible goals and plans of action. Workshop sessions are informational, engaging and interactive; and include valuable resources and practical information. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE

PLC and Collegial Study Groups

Schoolwide supports Administrators in establishing and sustaining a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Study Group. Our Administrative consultants initially work collaboratively with Administrators to determine a focus for systematic inquiry and research and subsequently provide the necessary training and support so the team(s) can eventually take ownership of the inquiry process. Schoolwide facilitated PLCs and Study Groups may be comprised of participants from an individual school or district, or regionally to include participants from various nearby schools and districts. PLCs and Study Groups typically utilize a variety of digital platforms to support and enhance continuous communication, information sharing, problem-solving, and celebrating. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE

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