Bridget Nolen


Bridget Nolen is an Education Consultant for Schoolwide, Inc. After receiving her bachelor’s in Education from University of Delaware, her career in education started in 2000 as a first-grade teacher. Since then, she has worked as a Reading Specialist, Literacy Coach, Professional Developer, and Adjunct Professor at West Chester University, where she got her master’s in Literacy. For over a decade, she led a team of writers at Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) to design professional development and teacher resources in best practices in early literacy. As part of that work, she has published for literacy journals and developed extensive knowledge in coaching and training, and she has research-based practice in the areas of reading instruction, culturally responsive instruction, and classroom environment. She feels grateful to be at Schoolwide, where her passion for books, professional learning, and workshop teaching is central to the teaching of literacy. Bridget lives in Pennsylvania with her three children.

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