Cathy Hill

Cathy Hill

Cathy A. Hill is a passionate educator, learner, and a fierce advocate for students. She has been influencing and mentoring students, teachers, and families for over two decades. She has served in learning communities as a classroom teacher across multiple grades and settings, a reading specialist, a project manager of a federal grant, and as an assistant principal and principal in urban settings in three states—Arizona, Connecticut, and New York. She brings her passion for supporting students, teachers, and administrators to Schoolwide, Inc. and can’t wait to meet you and engage with your learning community.

Cathy realized her dream to become a professional educator and was awarded a competitive four-year leadership scholarship from Honeywell. She was fortunate to study under professors who believed in the power of children’s literature to foster a love of reading and to inspire creative writing through the workshop model. Her goal is to share that love with educators of all levels everywhere! Through her travels, she has visited schools worldwide, including in Bolivia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Africa, and Six Nations (the Mohawk tribe on the US/Canadian border), gaining perspective and fueling her support of literacy and learning.

As a principal, Cathy’s school earned district recognition for the most growth in reading and was also recognized for significantly decreasing chronic absenteeism. She was named a 2022 Hope Honor recipient by the Kids at Hope MASTERS Institute. The award celebrates organizations and individuals for their outstanding leadership, courage, and efforts in embracing the Kids at Hope philosophy. She truly believes that all children are capable of success and is committed to helping others adopt that same perspective.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, discovering the world through travel, capturing nature through the lens of her iPhone, cooking (and eating!), mentoring, volunteer/service opportunities, meeting new people, and of course, reading all types of print along with expressing herself through writing.  

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