Darlene Prott

Darlene enjoys collaborating with other educators in order to effectively increase student achievement. She is excited to share her experiences, ideas, and strategies with other professionals in the field of education. She began her career as an Elementary Educator in Woodbridge, New Jersey with over 15 years of successful classroom experience. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Kean University in New Jersey. Darlene holds Elementary Education, Supervision, and Principal Certificates. She recently obtained a Social & Emotional Learning Certificate from Rutgers, NJ. Darlene’s other professional experiences include being a co-founder of NJ Teacher to Teacher, LLC, presenting for the Center for Effective School Practices in Rutgers, NJ, authoring the book The Gift, presenting on co-teaching at the California Educational Research Association Conference at Disneyland,  and co-authoring the feature article “Co-Teaching: Communication and Clarification = Success” in NJ Review Magazine. Darlene enjoys spending time in the Poconos, and having fun with her husband and their three children!

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