Erica Denman

Erica Denman is a Senior Program Developer and Content Editor at
Schoolwide, Inc. Erica first began teaching in schools in New York City,
where she spent many years, before moving on to classroom teaching in
Merrick, NY.

Given all of her teaching experience, Erica has presented at several
educational events, such as Lesley University’s annual Literacy for All
Conference. At these conferences, she has shared her knowledge on
topics like “Creating a Vision: Planning for Teacher Learning in the Writing
Workshop,” “Planning for Change: Creating Professional Learning
Communities to Improve Writing,” and “Immersion in the Writing
Workshop.” She has also participated in writing workshops for the New
Jersey State Summer Literacy Institute for Teachers and instructed
educators there on implementing a power-writing workshop.

Erica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from George
Washington University and a Master of Arts degree in Education from
Teachers College, Columbia University.

Wanting to work with children and watch them grow as individuals is why
Erica decided to pursue teaching. Once she became a teacher, she
discovered that she loved empowering students to become lifelong
learners! The most rewarding experiences that Erica has had as a
classroom teacher are when former students get in touch with her and
share how much they took from the year she was their teacher. As a
literacy consultant for Schoolwide, she truly enjoys when teachers reflect
on their learning journey and see how much they (and their students) have
grown in a year. Erica also enjoys the opportunity to work with smart,
passionate, and dedicated people at Schoolwide and in the education
industry. When she is not teaching, she enjoys the beach and entertaining
friends and family.

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