Robin Cohen

Robin Cohen is a Senior Program Developer and Content Editor at
Schoolwide, Inc. During her more than 40-year career in education, she
spent 20 years as a classroom teacher for schools in the New York City
area and then went on to become a Language Arts Specialist as well as a
graduate literacy instructor.

Throughout her years as an educator, Robin has been honored with many
awards and grants. She received the Unsung Heroes in Education award
sponsored by Northern Life Insurance Company, as well as multiple grants
sponsored by the New York City Teachers Consortium. She was
presented with the Educator of Excellence award by the New York State
Council of English and received the New York State Reading Teacher of
the Year award for 2002–2003. She was also featured in Parade magazine
for her work establishing a student-run bookstore that thrived for 14 years.
Her work with the bookstore earned her a Friends of Literacy award,
sponsored by the New York State Reading Association. In addition to
these individual accolades, Robin has been an integral part of several
prestigious awards granted to Liberty Elementary School. Liberty received
a National School Change award and was declared a National Blue Ribbon
School, an award granted by the federal government recognizing
outstanding schools nationwide.

In addition to being a much-celebrated educator, Robin is also a published
author. In 2008, she wrote Developing Essential Literacy Skills: A
Continuum of Lessons for Grades K–3, published by the International
Reading Association.

Robin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hunter College and a Master of
Science in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Reading
from Lehman College. Robin has New York state certifications for
Elementary Education and Reading, as well as New York state licenses in
Early Childhood and Reading. Because of her extensive experience
teaching reading to children, Robin has also presented at the New York
State Reading Conference, the International Reading Association
Conference, and the Manhattan Reading Council.

When Robin began her career as an educator, she knew teaching was her
life’s calling. At Schoolwide, she enjoys working with people who share her
passion for education, her love for children, and her appreciation for
excellent children’s literature. In her spare time, Robin enjoys spending time
with her grandchildren, traveling, watching movies, and shopping!

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