Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements

To use Schoolwide’s Fundamentals Unlimited to its fullest, please make sure your computer or mobile device meets the following minimum requirements. Certain tools may have additional requirements.


Chrome (version 79.0.3945.88 and later) is strongly recommended. Also supported are:

· Firefox (version 72.0.1 and later)
· Safari (version 13.04 and later)
· Microsoft Edge (version 18 and later)
· Android (version 4.0)
· iOS (version 9)

Regardless of browser, please make sure the following browser settings are correct:

· JavaScript must be enabled.
· Cookies must be enabled.
· Pop-up blockers must be disabled.

Internet Connectivity
Download: 1+ Mbps recommended; minimum 0.5Mbps
Upload: 0.5 Mbps
Mobile Data: Reliable Wi-Fi or LTE cellular data connection

Other Software
To view and print PDF files, we recommend the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. While PDF files should work with most other PDF viewers, we can only guarantee full compatibility and support for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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